Thursday, November 5, 2015

Florida family portraits Miami family portraits family vacation portraits Fort Lauderdale beach portraits BillMillerPhoto

Family Vacation Portraits
Join me for an hour of fun on the beach and get some great family memories to share with everybody.
A little vacation envy never hurts. Right? What are we working so hard for? Great family memories together on a beautiful stretch of sand in South Florida.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Portraits by BillMillerPhoto

Florida Family Portraits by BillMillerPhoto
With Daylight Savings now the prime hour is 4:30 in Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, and of course 5:30 on Marco Island, and Fort Myers.
Fort Lauderdale Family Portraits by BillMillerPhoto
 Like colors and no loud prints or designs. usually blues, whites and Khaki work great on the sand. Sometimes the girls in one color or colors and the guys in another is a great match too. Even individual family units in coordinated colors works as well. Keep it simple, it will fly by quickly and we then meet up later or even the next day to view the fun on the Big Screen.
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