Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida family vacation portraits by Bill Miller Photography.

Miami Florida family vacation portraits on South Beach by Bill Miller Photography

Florida Family Portraits

While you thaw out in the beautiful sun on our South Florida beaches why not capture some smiles and laughs there too? When you are making your vacation plans DO NOT forget to schedule a session a family portrait session too. Your hotel may  have a beautiful beach right outside but everybody else will be there too. I know a few locations that are nearly people free and maybe even more beautiful as a background as well. CALL TODAY!!

Florida family vacation portraits on Fort Lauderdale Beach by Bill Miller Photography

Just a 30 minute session is all we need to create beautiful memories you can share for a lifetime. Keep the color choices similar or you can vary tween the guys and the ladies. If you need a few examples you can go to BILLMILLERPHOTO to check out a few location and clothing choices from my previous galleries.

Florida family vacation portraits on Fort Lauderdale beach by Bill Miller Photography



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